Tuesday, December 26, 2006

B&PP (Mumbai) TimeOut!

The Billing and Payments Platform (B&PP) team from Mumbai was given a much deserved and awaited break by the company. We were sanctioned a day out in the Nishiland Water Park, Panvel. But the people in the group are so habituated to work that it was a tough job to convince people to come, because after a difficult week, people would rather relax at home with their families than go on a picnic that would be equally tiring - physically. The second challenge was to organize the event. The scheduled date for the picnic was 23rd Dec, but it had to be rescheduled to 17th Dec due to some unavoidable circumstances. So the organizers, I was one of whom, roughly had three days to organize the event and make it a success. But when the money was not a headache, we had only the arrangements on our minds.

Day1 (Wed,13/12/2006):
The organizing committee sent mails to all SPMs and PMs for the list of all interested people and designed posters. Mails were sent out to generate awareness and interest in the people. Work, ranging from transportation to entertainment and first aid to discipline, was divided among the members. I was made incharge for entertainment.

Day2 (Thur,14/12/2006):
All from my project dropped out of the picnic because four of us, including me, were assigned weekened support task, and the rest feared that they will have no one for company. We tried to find a work around but failed. In the meantime preparations were on full swing hoping for the best.

Day3 (Fri, 15/12/2006):
The day began with a high level meeting of SPMs, PMs and our Group Head to identify why people from our project were not going. Finally a work arround was arrived at and the four of us were allowed to go for the picnic. It was then time for me to put my head down and prepare for Antakshri, as I was supposed to host it. I was only too glad at the prospect.

Day4 (Sat, 16/12/2006):
It was support time for the four of us in my project. I had to be in office from 5:30 pm to 11:30 pm. We got the banners for the buses late in the evening, and all was set for the picnic, the next day. Two buses, one leaving from Andheri and another from office, were scheduled to meet in Mulund and then move on to Nishiland.

Day5 (Sun, 17/12/2006):
The Time Out: It was a late start as the buses arrived late. Both the buses met at Mulund, and after a short stop headed for the destination. We had a very enjoyable round of 'Antakshri' in the bus. We reached Nishiland at 9:45 am. The entry and food coupons were distributed at the entrance itself, and inside the park, we got our locker keys. After breakfast, we changed into our swimming costumes and hit the pool as soon as we could because we had time till 2 pm only, after which some other events were planned - away from water.

We had a good time in the pool and on the slides. There was a small slide on which we had a lot of fun. Surprised? But trust me, it was a lot of fun. Some people were trying to climb the slide, and each time anyone did that, there were at least three people who were determined to bring them down. It was great fun because everyone had set the child inside him/her free. We were all playing like a bunch of kids. My team (project) was the last to leave the wave pool, after we had an exclusive wave session. Then, after our ablutions it was time for lunch. We were so hungry that we ate like dogs. My throat was so sore after all the shouting in the pool, that i wondered how I would anchor the 'Antakshri' later in the day.

Post lunch, people were asked to gather in a shade over the lake where chairs were already laid for the events. Antakshri and Dumb Charades were scheduled for the afternoon. We started off with 'Antakshri' which stretched a bit too long. But we were thrilled by the participation. I hope people loved it. By God's grace all went well. It was an inter-project competition and BReCon Development won hands down. BReCon Design were the 1st Runners Up.

Antakshri was followed by Dumb Charades with a Tea Break in between. I must say here, that the organizers of the event had done a lot of research because the movies that were given to us to enact... Let me not say anything. Please try to enact this - 'Zimbo Comes to Town'. See! Due to lack of time, this event had to be left incomplete. It was followed by an address by our Group Head who promised us many more such outings in the future. Finally we packed our bags and left the Park at 6:45 pm for our journey back to Mumbai. Thus ended the B&PP Timeout.

The Experience: It was a picnic worth every penny spent and a must attend for all. Those who missed it were really unfortunate. But then, I am sure, they had very strong reasons. On the personal front, it was a great place to be if you want to expand your network. Where else could you chat with PMs and SPMs in an informal way, and even pull their legs, and they would take all that with a smile? Right! this was the place and the time.

Credits: It was a great picnic, but it would not have been successful without the efforts of the IDU Head, the Group Head, the HR Team, the Admin team, the Organizers and all the participants. I extend my thanks to all those involved. Cheers...


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Varun said...

I did not spend even a single penny ;)The timeout was certainly a lovely experience... I was in the winning Antakshari team ;)